Gemini Driver Goes out of His Way to Show Kindness, Generosity to Love’s Customer

Gemini Driver Goes out of His Way to Show Kindness, Generosity to Love’s Customer

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You never know when the opportunity to truly make a difference in a person's life may occur. For Gemini Motor Transport Driver Ricky Black, the chance recently presented itself while he was stopped at Love's 396 in Newberry, South Carolina.  

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Ricky was unloading his truck when he noticed a man and his grandson intently watching his every move in the Love's parking lot. When he finished his task, he walked over and could tell the little boy was enthralled with the large yellow Love's truck. Ricky took the time to chat with the boy and his grandfather, showing the four-year-old the inside of his truck and learning he has special needs because of a stroke he suffered before birth.

Ricky shared with the Customer that his grandson has autism, along with other health issues, and that he understood the challenges parents and grandparents of special needs children face.

"When you have a child with special needs in your family, you understand the struggles other parents and grandparents face, and you appreciate it when others take the time to be patient with the child," Ricky said.

Ricky and the Customer parted ways, but as Ricky entered the Love's store, he saw an item he knew the little boy had to have.

"I saw the yellow tanker, grabbed it and told the cashier I would be right back to pay for it," Ricky said.

Just as the Customers were leaving, Ricky tapped on the passenger window of their vehicle and handed the boy's mom the toy truck.

"We were all touched by this man's thoughtfulness and generosity," the boy's grandfather said in a letter he sent to Love's corporate office. "I will never forget this incident. I will remember it every time I pass a Love's store or see my grandson's toy truck. It speaks volumes of the quality of people working at Love's."

Ricky said he tries to be a good person and saw the truck as an opportunity to make the little boy's day better.

Thank you, Ricky, for being a great person who cares and going above and beyond to make a difference for a Customer. We appreciate all you do!

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Professional Gemini Driver Ricky Black went above and beyond to make a Customer feel special.

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