Love's Mechanic Opens Home for Couple Who Can’t Afford Hotel

Love's Mechanic Opens Home for Couple Who Can’t Afford Hotel

Fueling at Love's in the winter

During this winter's extreme cold in the northern United States, Love's team members have continued to serve Customers while keeping them safe. Love's Truck Tire Care Mechanic David Pickle has been helping stranded drivers while on his road calls, but one chance encounter in a Love's parking lot gave him another opportunity to save lives.

Pickle, who works at Love's 704 in Mills County, Iowa, noticed a pickup outside the store with a couple and their three dogs inside. He struck up a conversation with the man, who was heading inside to check on his laundry.

loves truck tire care employee david pickle

David Pickle has been with Love's since May 2018.

"He told me they were going to sleep inside the truck because they couldn't afford a hotel," Pickle said.

The man and woman were traveling across the country to New Jersey. The man is an active-duty member of the military, and they were low on money because of the recent government shutdown. With the temperature at -23 degrees, Pickle knew it would be dangerous for them to stay in the truck for the night.

"I couldn't just let them freeze in their pickup, so I offered to let them stay at my house," he said. "I'm a veteran myself. Having been deployed overseas, I know what it's like to sleep in extreme conditions."

The couple accepted and were thankful for having a roof over their heads. Their three dogs also made some new furry friends.

"My girlfriend and I own four dogs, so thankfully all seven of the pooches got along," David said.

In the morning, David offered to make the couple breakfast, but they were eager to get back on the road.

"I was just doing my part, making sure everyone was safe," David said. "We're always trying to help people out at Love's. Hopefully they'll stop at another one of our locations if they need help again on their journey."