Freight factoring customers thankful for Love's Financial

Freight factoring customers thankful for Love's Financial

This time of year, everyone takes time to reflect on the things we’re thankful for. At Love’s Financial, we know our biggest blessing is our freight factoring clients. We are grateful for the trust they give us to be a part of their financial growth and business as a whole.

Factoring with Love's Financial

This year, we decided to ask our customers why they’re thankful for us; we weren’t disappointed. Take a look at what some of our freight factoring customers had to say:

"I have to say the absolute biggest help my company and I have received is from the freight factoring team with Love’s Financial. The profit line is thin in the truck business and receiving a timely deposit to keep the business up and running is crucial to our success. I want to personally thank our account representative and everyone else on the team. As our learning curve shortens and we continue to grow, we are very grateful to have a partnership with Love's and the dedicated professionals working there. It's truly helped our business!" -Claudio B.

"Love’s has helped me with the growth of my company over my first year by providing my company with the ability to get fuel and have running capital with Love’s factoring. Love’s is truly out to help small companies get the business up and running. Not only has Love’ s helped with fuel and freight factoring, they have also kept my truck on the road with timely repairs and maintenance. I would recommend Love’s to anyone who is going to start a trucking company. With the help of Loves, I was able to grow my company from one truck to three trucks in under a year’s time. Thank you Love’s for helping me grow, and I hope to continue to grow in the upcoming year."- Kevin H.

"Love’s Financial helped me move my trucks and get paid on time! I got a new contract with an excellent shipper. But....the only problem was they take 28 days or more to pay! Being a smaller company, we could not afford to wait for payments to be received that late. We would not be able to make it. Thanks to Love’s Financial I was able to close the deal with a new customer and get paid fast and easy! Thanks to you guys I am able to afford a contract with my customer and move my company better! Thank you!" - Jennifer C.

"Before I partnered with Love's Financial, I was limited on resources for finding credit-worthy brokers and also having the time and flexibility to find loads. The Love's Express Billing Program is a great help in fueling. My drivers tell me it’s real quick and easy to use. It saves them time on the road and, especially now, that time is critical. Love's Financial has given me what I needed to keep my business going. I can find loads with ease now and keep my drivers moving. Knowing I have Love's Financial by my side is a great feeling, and I have more time to do the things I have to get done in the office. " - Krista B

If you want to freight factor with the Love's Financial family, give us a call today at 1-855-495-5683. Our team is ready to take your call and bring you on board!