Biketoberfest 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

Biketoberfest 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is this the same event as Bike Week in the spring?

A: It's similar, but it's called Biketoberfest, and it’s much shorter than the March event. Biketoberfest lasts from October 17-20, 2019, and draws a much larger volume of traffic. Events are held every day from approximately 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Local police have commented that on occasion during the events associated with Biketoberfest, they have experienced 2- to 3-mile backups on US-1 and I-95, north and south of the Love's exit and the travel stop.

Q: Why is Love's not allowing any truck parking but still allowing four-wheelers/cars to park?

A: Long-term parking is never allowed for four-wheelers/cars. In the past when we attempted to impose 30-minute parking limits for trucks, it was difficult to enforce. Due to this reason, truck parking is not available the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 16, through the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 20. The increased traffic volumes for truckers waiting to fuel – combined with the significant influx of cars, trucks and bikes during that week – caused traffic jams to the point State Police had to close the exit. Love's wants to provide necessary fueling for our professional truck driver Customers, but to ensure that is still available, we need to keep the trucks moving in and out at the exit.

Q: If Love's sells spaces to bikers and media, isn't the company turning away truckers to make money off this event?

A: While Love's does rent spaces to bikers, we do not rent space to media. In fact, having to allow fuel-and-go only for our professional driver Customers significantly reduces our inside business for that week.

Q: What if a truck driver is at their maximum driving time allowed by law and needs to have longer-term parking?

A: Our intention in providing this notice is to allow drivers plenty of time to make other arrangements in advance for that week. In addition to the in-store fliers at Love's 316, we also have fliers within the entire district of stores in several surrounding states. We also notify all fleet Customers by email and send media advisories to trade publications.

Q: What are the best directions to get back on route after fueling?

When you leave Love's parking lot, local police will direct traffic and only allow you to run right onto US-1. Go 1 mile north, where the sheriff's office has a controlled turnaround point for anyone needing to go south. If you head north for approximately 5 more miles, you come to Old Dixie Highway. Take a right and go 2 miles where you connect to I-95 north or south.

Q: What is Love's position on this event and its effect on its Customers?

A: Love's, especially the team at the Ormond Beach location, understands the inconvenience for our Customers during this bi-annual event. We have engaged in more proactive communications to ensure our Customers know the effect this event has on their routes and abilities to stop and park overnight. We also hire police officers specifically to help direct traffic at our location all day to ease the congestion in entering and exiting. We value our Customers and appreciate your business. We sincerely thank you for your understanding.