3 heartwarming stories you sent us to brighten your day

3 Heartwarming things that happened at Love's

1. Tom Love’s autograph

Earlier this year we received a private message from a driver named MeChell (Chelly). Chelly, her partner and their cat, VJ, are professional drivers and frequent Love’s customers. Chelly isn’t just your average Love’s customer. She’s got a unique ritual for every new Love’s location she stops at. Since her first granddaughter was born in 2019, Chelly has collected signatures from more than 300 Love’s employees in a copy of Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” She hopes to give the book to her granddaughter one day as a gift. So far, she’s been to almost 80 Love’s locations and counting.

Chelly decided there was one signature that would make this book complete – Love’s founder, Tom Love. In March she decided to message Love’s Facebook and see if it was possible.

“I know this is a long shot, but I would love to see if Mr. Tom Love would sign my grandbaby’s Dr. Seuss book,” she wrote. “It would be an honor to have him sign this book for my first grandbaby.”

While the request may have seemed far-fetched, this is the kind of thing Tom loves to do for customers. Chelly sent us the book in the mail, and Tom signed it in his office the very next day.

Commitment to the customer starts at the very top!
3 Heartwarming things that happened at Love's

2. Lost wallet

It's happened to all of us at some point - you put something down in a public place and don't realize it's missing until you're all the way home. For most of us, the item is never recovered. Luckily, when Jay and her husband lost a wallet at our stop in Denton, Texas, the team there stepped up.

Jason, the general manger at Love's 609, recovered the wallet, saw the address on the license and promptly got it in the mail. Meanwhile, Jay was back home panicking about where the wallet could possibly be. They figured it must be somewhere in the house because no one had used the credit cards. Out of nowhere they got a package in the mail from Love's 609 - and inside was the wallet.

"Today I went to the mailbox, and someone at your store in Denton found his wallet and mailed it back to us," Jay wrote. "I just want to say how awesome the people are that you employ! I am so appreciative of their honesty! We need more good people in this world just like that person! Way to go Love's!"

3 Heartwarming things that happened at Love's

3. Presents on the road

The holiday season will be here before you know it! A driver named Kevin let us know about a unique way he uses his My Love Rewards points. Turns out they're useful when it comes to gift shopping for grandkids.

"As a driver, Love's is a convenient stop for me due to your parking, entrance and exit points and your well-stocked stores," Kevin wrote. "I've been able to pick up really cute toys for my 3-year-old grandson, Gage, and my 2-year-old granddaughter, Scarlet, using my Love's points. The look on their faces when they see their Pop Pop (me) pull up after weeks on the road is priceless. They know I'm coming home with presents.

"Love's point system has allowed me to spontaneously shop for them as well as myself."

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