Love’s Financial now offers quick-funding freight factoring options for customers

Get 60-minute funding when you switch to Love's Financial


Every freight factoring company out there will tell you they're the fastest, most reliable partner on the road - but how many can actually back up that claim? Love's Financial is the only freight factoring partner with multiple quick-funding options AND perks like fuel discounts, Love's Express Credit and service deals through Love's Truck Care and Speedco.

Love's Financial is now offering quick-funding options for its customers who need payment fast. Customers can choose between 60-minute, 3-hour and same-day funding. By the time you leave your next Love's location, your payment is in your account so you can focus on delivering your next load. Love's Financial customers have the peace of mind they need to continue running their business.

Does this sound like something your business could use? Give Love's Financial a call at 1-855-495-5683 or fill out our form to get a quote.