New Year, New Tech: Technology professional drivers need

New Year New Tech


With 2020 in the rearview mirror, it’s time for drivers and fleets to outfit their trucks with new equipment. New technology in the cab can be exciting and helpful, but also daunting given the breadth of offerings. What follows is a quick list of the most popular, easy-to-use, in-cab technology to give drivers a solid start in the new year.

GPS - Navigation


Professional drivers need more than just directions to be safe and compliant on the road. A truck-specific GPS unit will flag restricted roads, list overpass clearances, identify weigh stations, alert drivers to upcoming tolls and much more.


Some devices also enable real-time information such as traffic and weather via a Wi-Fi connection. Other data such as crowd-sourced points of interest, fuel information and weather down-the-road, can be a lifesaver for drivers.


Some models go even further by offering features like hands-free calling and texting, music streaming directly through the unit and a built-in dash camera. Other premium features include support tools like mileage, fuel logs and ELD readiness.


Love’s carries the largest assortment of truck-specific GPS units from basic 5-inch models to more advanced 10-inch screen tablets with all the bells and whistles.




The benefits of a truck dashcam, or in-cab camera, are undeniable. Beyond showing that a driver was not at fault in an accident, dashcams are also useful in reducing fraudulent claims, increasing fleet safety, lowering insurance premiums and training new drivers.


Additional features vary among brands and models, but some important ones to look for are high-resolution recording, screen size, G-Sensors (measures the movement of your vehicle on an axis) or accelerometer (triggers video to be saved in the event of a wreck or accident), storage capacity and type of storage (SD card and/or cloud-based). Some dash cams have a companion app that allows you to transfer photos and videos easily.




Any driver will tell you that staying connected while on the road is essential. Whether keeping in touch with the back office, checking in on loved ones, getting live weather updates or listening to their favorite talk radio or podcast, a quality wireless, Bluetooth® trucker headset is a lifeline to the outside world.


Top features to look for in a quality headphone/headset include Bluetooth compatibility, comfort, on-ear vs. over-ear cups, noise cancellation in the ear cups and a long battery life. And because trucks on the road are inherently loud, noise suppression in the microphone is a must so callers on the other end hear you - not your cab!


Got your eye on any of the features we mentioned? Love’s has a wide range of the latest driver technology available in the Mobile to Go Zone. Check it out at your next stop with us


Written by the experts at Rand McNally.