Five new tech items at Love’s

All new Mobile to Go items at Love's


When you think of Love's, you might think of fuel, drinks and snacks, right? Well, Love's has a new word to add to that list - technology. Love's is the perfect place to find your last-minute road trip tech items or even splurge on something new. Our latest Mobile to Go items are top quality at the best price.

Here are five new Mobile To Go tech finds at Love's:

1. 10W Qi Pad for Wireless Charging

This 10-watt wireless charging pad is a sleek way to make sure all your devices are charged. Just plug it in and place your device on the pad - fewer wires and no more lost charger cords!

2. 10-foot Charging Cables

If you're not quite ready to cut the cord, a 10-foot charging cable will get you charged without ever having to put down your device. You'll be amazed how quickly your phone is back to full power. We have options for both Apple and Android users and these also come in an array of colors including pink, orange, neon yellow and black. 

3. USB DC Car Charger

This is one item you never want to be without on a long drive. Luckily for you, there are more than 540 Love's locations across the country, and plenty of them have a Mobile to Go Zone inside. This charger comes in black or white and in various power levels that easily fits into the cigarette port in your vehicle for on the go charging.

4. 6-foot Audio Cable

There's nothing worse than a silent solo road trip, but you can catch up on all your podcasts and listen to your driving playlists thanks to this 6-foot audio cable. This comes in two different colors and is a durable solution to your last-minute tech needs.

5. Wall Charger

If you're anything like us, this is your most often lost item at home - a wall charger. Sometimes it's lost for a day and other times you find it almost a year later. Either way, it's never a convenient item to lose. This wall charger from our Mobile to Go Zone is the perfect replacement. Although, we can't promise you'll be less likely to misplace this one!

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