What did you say? Choosing the best noise cancellation for drivers.

Choosing the best noise cancellation for drivers.

Photo credit: TJ Tiongson


There are certain terms that you hear and often use regularly that you'd have a tough time defining. For example, football fans are familiar with the term "passer rating," but might not know how it's calculated, what's an average rating or what's considered good. Today we're going to talk about one you may have never thought about: noise canceling.

Technology manufacturers, like BlueParrott, confidently talk about their noise cancelling technology and how much background noise they block out, but what makes up noise canceling and why is it important to professional drivers?

There are two kinds of noise cancellation. The first blocks background noise for the person wearing the headset while the second type blocks noise where the person is talking, improving the experience for the person on the other end of the line.

There are three main factors that create noise cancellation. Here's how they work.

Microphones: Choosing the right microphone is an important first step in achieving great noise cancellation. Not only does a high-performance, noise-cancelling microphone clearly capture the speaker's voice, it also blocks background noises. While you're walking around a busy parking lot full of noisy trucks or just sitting in your cab, the person you're talking to will hear you clearly.

Algorithms: Algorithms are the secret of the noise-canceling recipe and the most complicated. For our purposes, it's easier to think of an algorithm as a piece of software that deconstructs the incoming audio signal into two categories: desired and undesired. The desired noises can pass while the undesired sounds can't. This keeps the focus on your voice rather than everything else.

Housing and Hardware: The last ingredient in the noise-cancellation recipe are parts of the overall construction in the headset that help with noise cancellation. For example, the powerful noise-canceling microphone mentioned earlier can perform its function only if placed correctly in front of the talker's mouth. That's why an adjustable mic arm is paramount in achieving noise cancellation. 

Noise cancellation is arguably the most useful feature on the market for professional drivers. Love's has top-quality driver technology from your favorite brands. Find a location near you today!