Shooting for the stars and landing on Love’s Planetarium

Children and families of Oklahoma are on their way to having the universe in the palm of their hands thanks to the recently announced groundbreaking of Love’s Planetarium at the Science Museum Oklahoma, backed by a $3.5 million donation from Love’s Travel Stops. Bringing cutting-edge technology and innovative learning tactics to Oklahoma, the new planetarium will give its audiences a front row seat to a night sky many people never experience outside of a planetarium.

“This partnership and the addition of a new planetarium furthers Love’s dedication to support education and youth-focused programs in our home state,” said Jenny Love Meyer, chief culture officer and executive vice president at Love’s. “The Science Museum is a true educational gem serving children and families in Oklahoma, and we are excited to see how this new planetarium adds new and exciting ways for children to learn.”

There’s nothing quite like seeing a child’s eyes light up when learning something new, and the Love’s Planetarium is sure to do just that with its optical and digital projector creating a realistic night sky of 9,500 bright stars, 56 nebulae and clusters of stars for binocular viewing. Children can experience a unique and up-close view of the Milky Way while also observing the sun, moon and planets.

Love’s Planetarium and the Science Museum Oklahoma are excited to welcome audiences beginning in fall 2024.