What Pride Month means to Love's team members

June is Pride Month, a month that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. Love's champions inclusion at our stores and within our organization. We welcome and embrace the power of differences, ideas and backgrounds and are grateful to share the love this month and always.

We asked several team members what Pride Month means to them. We are pleased to hear their different perspectives and insights.

"LGBTQ+ Pride means being respected, treated with dignity, having equal rights and opportunities for everyone no matter what our differences may be." - Alex

It means acceptance and inclusion." -Tyler

Quote with Love's logo

“Pride Month is an expressive and meaningful month to those who identify themselves with the LQBTQ+ […] Freedom to love is a human right and Pride Month is a great way to represent the progress we've made as a country to allow equality.” - Jazmine

“To me it means everyone can be themselves, make new friends and family.”- Ashton

“Pride to me means not being afraid to be 100% who you are.” - Maggie

“Pride today is a celebration of the work that has been done by previous generations to create that movement toward acceptance.” - Kimberly

“Simply able to be myself, to speak of my hopes and dreams just like anyone else, without judgement, ostracization, shame or oppression.” - Cheryl

“It means being accepted for who I am.” - Megan

“I have many friends and some family that identify with LGBTQ and I want them to always feel included as well as them knowing they are normal. They are loved and I will always support them as well as anyone who identifies with LGBTQ.” - Hannah

“Being able to live in a world with less hate and more love.” - Christopher

“Throughout my 10 years with Love's this company has shown that no matter your race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity this is a great place to build a lifelong career.” - Alex