Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

A cultural celebration that takes place between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, Hispanic Heritage Month, honors the achievements of Hispanic Americans as well as the histories and cultures of those whose ancestors immigrated from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

Love’s celebrates the diversity of its customers and team members. This month, we asked several team members what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them, and we're sharing their insights.

Jacob V. - Core Systems Specialist

A man receiving an award from two other men.

"Growing up with so little, living in a seven-person household like most Hispanic families, makes me appreciate the life my career has afforded both myself and my family and I'm very glad that companies like Love’s exist. They give anybody the opportunity to succeed whether your black, brown, green, yellow, or even purple. Love’s is like the military and doesn't see any employee by color or gender but rather embraces them as part of the team."

Tania M. - Collections Representative

A women standing in front of a waterfall.

“I would like others to know that there's so much to learn about Hispanic Heritage. This month celebrates the histories, the contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Mexico, Spain, Central and South America (just to name a few). The rich diversity of culture is unparalleled. Even though we all speak the same language, every country is so unique, and we all have different traditions, foods and beliefs.”

Margarita Z.– General Manager

A women standing in front of a Love's Travel Stop background.

“As a member of the Hispanic Community, I am proud of our values and traditions and how strong our love for family, culture, music and food is.”

Erika R. - Staff Resource Manager

"As a member of the Hispanic community I am most proud of the multiple ways we are able to express ourselves and communicate! Communication as a Hispanic goes beyond the written word and spoken language - we express ourselves in different languages and through our actions like cooking for loved ones. I’m proud of the way I can express my feelings and thoughts to others by adding extra flavor to any dish - all the different ways we can emphasize and enhance any of life’s situations like in the kitchen, the culture is beautiful and full of vibrancy and spice!”