Travel stop district manager shares foundation of support for customers and team members

Love’s highway hospitality mission means being there for customers, including the professional drivers whose chance to have a real interaction with others might only happen after they get out of their cab at our stops.

In the wide-open spaces of the northwestern U.S., District Manager Beth B. and her management team have formed connections with many of the regulars. This connection was apparent when Beth gave one of her general managers, Hillary W., an opportunity to transfer to a newer travel stop in Bliss, Idaho.

“Some of the drivers at her old store asked where she went, and they ended up adding her store to their route just to see her and get to know her new team,” Beth said.

Along her 14-year Love’s career journey from restaurant manager to DM, overseeing and mentoring eight travel stop teams, Beth has learned to not take opportunities for granted.

Beth B. Love's District Manager

When Beth was a store manager, a conversation with a driver’s wife led to an opportunity for a lasting relationship.

“The wife had decided to leave her job and join him, and she was having a hard time adjusting to the long-haul lifestyle. We had several conversations where I would listen and talk her through things,” Beth said.

The support Beth has shown to customers and team members alike reflects the support she has felt from her peers and leaders. She recalls receiving reassurance from Love’s Chief Culture Officer and Executive Vice President Jenny Love Meyer when discussing issues she was going through in her personal life. Jenny later sent a personalized letter to Beth for her 10-year anniversary with Love’s.

“In that letter, Jenny referenced the conversation we had months earlier. The fact that she listened and cared, it really hit home for me,” Beth said. 

As Love’s expands its highway hospitality mission on its #Roadto700, Beth is proud to be part of a foundation of support for countless customers and great people who care on the Love’s team.

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