Love's Speedco Manager Cultivates Culture Of Appreciation In Her Shop

When embarking on a career journey, knowing the destination doesn’t have to be a requirement. Mentors can glimpse things about us we may not easily see – challenging us to reach our full potential.

When Farrah S. first applied to work at a Love’s travel stop, she couldn’t have expected she would one day be running a Speedco shop.

“When I joined as a cashier, I just needed some income to get me through my pregnancy. I hadn’t planned on returning after I had my daughter. I came back because I liked my job for once,” she said.

Working hard and staying focused, Farrah rose through the ranks as an inventory management coordinator and assistant manager. Working on the store side was in her comfort zone, something her general manager urged her to step out of.

Farrah blog

“He kept telling me I would make a great service advisor in our Love’s Truck Care shop. I’m glad I trusted him because I loved it,” Farrah said.

At first, Farrah planned to get some solid experience in the shop to level up her business acumen, return to the store and get on the fast track to becoming a general manager. However, just like at the beginning of her career, her positive experience caused her to reassess.

As the manager in the Speedco shop in Troy, Texas, Farrah can’t imagine a career path outside of Love’s Truck Care and Speedco. Every day she strives to elevate a culture of teamwork and respect.

“If my team members feel like they’re respected and appreciated, that’s going to move my shop forward because they all want to be here. As a result, we have a high-performing shop,” she said.

Farrah embraces opportunities to develop other women in the business, having trained multiple female colleagues to be managers. As she looks to the future, she’s excited about Love’s core value of innovation in action, and the new opportunities it will create.

“It’s so cool to see us expanding into new lines of business, like RV stops and truck washes. It means we’re growing our commitment to our customers,” Farrah said.