How a Gemini driver's impact created new loyal Love's Customers

Dalhart, Texas, isn’t your typical tourist destination. Unless you’re visiting family or one of the farms or ranches in the area, Dalhart probably won’t show up on your GPS.

But travelers Nita W. and Sheri G. did in fact decide to take a detour to Dalhart, specifically because of the Love’s located there. They caught word of the location’s national prominence through Trucker Path's Top Truck Stop of 2022, which recognizes the location as one of the top 15 travel stops in America. 

“Coming up from the south, we stopped at the Dalhart Love’s and saw a beautifully painted Love’s truck by the Love’s sign that we just had to get a picture with. When we approached, we met the nicest fuel driver who took our picture and told us about how she loved what she did for a living,” said Nita.

As the fuel driver, Jovita H., was approached by the two travelers for the picture, she ensured that all safety measures were followed and helped them capture a photo at a safe distance from the truck. This made an unsuspecting impact on Nita and Sheri who thought looking out for customers safety like that was very thoughtful.

Gemini Driver Jovita

After giving the two a brief history lesson on the important role Gemini drivers play for the company, Jovita directed the two inside where Love’s continued to raise the bar on their customer experience.

“When we entered the store, we took note of how everything was just extremely clean, including the front of the store where they were power washing. Sheri began talking with the gal at the register where everyone was so friendly. We had the most wonderful experience.” said Nita.

The experience was so meaningful to the two, Nita wrote down Jovita’s name in her phone’s notes so she wouldn’t forget during their next, out of the way visit to Dalhart.

Imagine creating a customer experience so memorable, they’d go out of their way just to have that feeling one more time.

“Jovita was such a lovely and friendly lady. She’s very proud of her job and what Gemini does for Love’s and she really opened our eyes to the business. Every time we see a Gemini truck on the road, we now think of Jovita,” said Nita.

Interested in becoming a Gemini driver, apply today at Also, be sure to stop in to see what earned Love’s a place on Trucker Path’s Top Truck Stop of 2022.