Hardee’s restaurant manager discusses the ingredients of a fulfilling Love’s career

As a mother of six, LaTarasha Gallman’s experience raising her children has set her up for success leading her restaurant team at Love’s. Her Hardee’s crew includes teenagers, just like a couple of her kids, those in their 20’s and a 70-year-old who LaTarasha says could run the whole kitchen if needed.

“We’re a family, and we make it happen together. When you take time to build that bond and respect each other, anything is possible,” she said.

When LaTarasha joined Love’s, she had 15 years of food service experience, but was looking to get out of the industry. She was managing a Taco Bell when her future manager came in during his lunch break.

“I asked if he was hiring at the Love’s there in Newberry, South Carolina, and he encouraged me to apply. From that first interview, I felt welcome at Love’s and was excited to expand my business acumen on the store side of the travel stop business,” LaTarasha said.

Hardee's Restaurant Manager, Tasha, and her family

However, it wasn’t long before her destiny shifted back to the restaurant world, and she was asked to run the Chester’s restaurant. With the spirit of a team player, LaTarasha accepted, and later broadened her resume by managing a double restaurant concept location. Last spring, she helped open her current travel stop in Pageland, South Carolina, hiring and training her close-knit Hardee’s team.

“I didn’t expect to get back into food service, but it has been the best opportunity. I can provide for my family and invest in my future through the Love’s Shares profit sharing program for managers. I’ve been able to have the right work-life balance to be there for my kids,” LaTarasha said.

While feeding her team’s hunger for growth and opportunities, LaTarasha is also open about her aspirations. However, see sees her long-term career goals firmly planted in food.

“I want to one day be an area food service manager and pass down what I’ve learned to Love’s teams across the country,” she said. “I tell all my new team members, ‘If the going gets tough, stick with it. You have a team who cares about you and your success.’”

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