Back to basics: Area merchandising manager has passion for Love's brand

With all the exciting things happening at Love’s, Alex G. is most excited about the company’s private label product journey, from trail mix and candy to Amarillo Supply Co. products.

“I’m a cheerleader for what we have on the shelves. We’re going back to the basics with representing our brand and the Love family,” Alex said.

With his passion for elevating Love’s value for customers, Alex is setting an example as area merchandising manager, coaching team members at 30 travel stops across the Southeast. He’s at the forefront of Love’s rollouts, refreshes and resets, and helps store teams execute on the Merchandising vision.

Alex is attuned to what his stores need because he spent years on the frontlines of serving customers as a Merchandising manager and later as a general manager.

Alex Griffin

“Our travel stop in Tifton, Georgia, is what I call a ‘mega bus’ location. During the summer we’d get about 20 buses per day. That experience taught me how to be prepared and help wherever I’m needed,” Alex said.

Opportunity is more than a buzzword at Love’s, and Alex has seen countless success stories over his 11-year career with the company, especially as those he’s hired move up the ranks to general manager and beyond. Alex is grateful to work closely with his longtime mentor, fellow Area Merchandising Manager Mike Maurer, his “partner in crime.”

Alex has literally weathered the storm on multiple occasions. He boarded up Love’s travel stop in Ocala, Florida, ahead of Hurricane Irma and assisted customers when the line for gas grew to five miles at one point. He also helped everyone shelter in place when a tornado threatened the store in Cordele, Georgia.

“We got everyone in the restrooms and coolers. The funnel came up to the property, lifted and touched back down on the other side of the interstate, just missing the travel stop,” he said.

As far as Alex’s future at Love’s, the horizon looks sunny and the sky is the limit.

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