Love's redesigns travel stop billboards and accelerates outdoor advertising

Before most customers walk through the door of a Love's location, the first hearts on the highway they see are on billboards, guiding them to where they can exit and be greeted by "Clean Places and Friendly Faces."

Love's is accelerating its outdoor advertising strategy, increasing billboard coverage for travel stops. The company is also adding new billboards that advertise Love's RV Stops, Speedco locations, and hotels. 

To further elevate its brand, Love's has redesigned its travel stop billboards to better promote amenities, including restaurants and dog parks. The first batch of billboards have been produced and sent to their prime spots across the country. 

Billboard printer

“We’re more proactive than ever before, ensuring our outdoor advertising looks the best. Every billboard has its own unique backstory, and my top-notch team works diligently to acquire and maintain all 1000+ billboards,” said Love’s Manager of Outdoor Advertising Lyndsie D.

The search to find the best spots for outdoor advertising usually begins six months before a new store opens, with a goal to provide at least two billboards for both directions of traffic around the travel stop. The industry-leading vinyl material in Love’s billboard banners helps the signage better withstand the elements.

Nearly half of Love’s billboards are printed by vendors. The rest go through Love’s Print Shop in Oklahoma City and the expert hands of Lead Production Operator Aaron S., who has 35 years of printing experience.

Aaron operates an enormous printer to produce the banner, unfurls it on a table about the size of a tennis court, welds pockets, and then boxes it up to be sent to its destination.

“When a store orders a billboard, I want to send them the best piece of art I can,” Aaron said. “I can get the ink off my hands, but I’ll never be able to get it out of my blood; that’s how passionate I am for what I do.”