Love's team members and customers go the extra mile for a driver's loyal companion

At Love's, we have a profound commitment to our customers that extends far beyond the fuel pumps and locations across the country. Our travel stops become more than just rest areas; they often serve as a home away from home for travelers and their beloved pets.

This dedication is encapsulated in one of our core customer commitments: being "Great People Who Care." And it's stories like this one that exemplify that commitment in action. Let us introduce you to Butch, a loyal terrier mix who found himself at the heart of a story filled with hope, love and unity.

When Mr. Gieseck, a professional driver, passed away at a Love's travel stop, Butch was right there by his side, guarding him until the very end. Butch's journey home began there, in a situation where his future seemed uncertain. That's when Missy T. of a Love’s in Virginia took it upon herself to inform Mr. Gieseck's family about the situation and that they had Butch. The fate of this loyal canine hung in the balance, but not for long.

Love's furry companion

The Gieseck family, who were already navigating other family health challenges, displayed an incredible act of selflessness by opening their hearts and home to Butch. He found temporary refuge with Missy, and the idea of a relay journey from Virginia to Dallas, Texas, began to take shape. The call for help went out, and Love's team members and customers rallied together to support this heartwarming cause.

On a Saturday night, a Love's customer from a store in Tennessee stepped up, offering to transport Butch on his way home. The journey continued as team members from other stores relayed Butch, bringing him closer to his new home in Texas.

Finally, on a Monday night, the Gieseck family arrived to claim their furry family member. The sight that unfolded was pure magic. When Butch heard the familiar sounds of the family’s truck, his alert demeanor transformed into pure joy: tail wagging and heart racing. It was a reunion filled with tears of gratitude and an overwhelming sense that Butch had found his way home.

We care about the wellbeing of our customers at Love’s, and that includes our four-legged friends. We are grateful for the incredible generosity displayed by our employees and customers, and extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who volunteered, offered assistance, contributed to expenses and supported this journey. The Gieseck family is grateful, and we know that Butch is too.