Diesel technician's Truck Care Academy experience makes lasting impact on himself and others

Part of what makes Love’s Truck Care Academy a best-in-class training program are the thoughtful lesson plans and care from a team of instructors with decades of combined mechanical experience.

Diesel Technician Michael C.’s time at the academy inspired him to continue his career journey to become a diesel mechanic.

“(Academy Instructor) Chebon P. really took charge of our class of 20 techs and taught everyone thoroughly. He was the reason I just passed my Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) test in brakes,” Michael said.

Michael has a unique perspective on Love’s journey to become the leading over-the-road truck maintenance network. He first joined the company in 2009 when Truck Care comprised a few locations only selling tires. His shop manager was Eric Daniels, now vice president of truck care.

Love's Diesel Technician

Although Michael proved himself in the shop, he couldn’t have anticipated the acceleration of the growth of Love’s Truck Care and left for a new opportunity in pressure washing. However, after a car accident left him injured with several broken bones, he reassessed his life.

In 2022, the Love’s team welcomed Michael with open arms at a Speedco shop in Ohio, and he was excited to see his potential for career growth in light mechanical services.

“Michael is an example of achieving anything you can put your mind to, no matter what life throws at you. I love seeing how he helps inspire other team members in our shop,” said Daniel L., speedco general manager.

Michael graduated from Love’s Truck Care Academy earlier this year, energized with not only lasting knowledge to support customers, but also with lasting friendships – especially his instructor.

“Michael’s unrelenting positive attitude helped the class during some of the more challenging lessons. He asked questions others may have been too embarrassed to bring up. He brought a different perspective that stirred my curiosity and motivated me as a teacher,” Chebon said.

If you’re interested in joining Love’s Truck Care team, visit jobs.loves.com.