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Pick 6 Specials

Snacks and Drinks for the Road

Stop into a Love's near you to grab these bi-monthly deals before they're gone. Grab a snack or a drink because we have something for everyone with our Pick 6 Special deals. All are available September 1 - October 31, 2022 (or while supplies last).

A Bon Appetit danish and large Love's coffee
Buy any size hot coffee and Bon Appetit danish
and save $1
A Coke and Monster
Buy a Monster (24oz) and a Coca-Cola (1L)
and save $1.00
Herr's chips and two Roller Grill items
Buy 2 Roller Grill items & Herr's Chips (1.5-2.75oz)
and save $1.00
A Reese's and Pepsi
Buy a Pepsi (1L) and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (1.5oz)
and save $1.00
A Love's Purified Water and Old Trapper Jerky
Buy an Old Trapper (10oz) and get a Love's Purified Water (20oz)
For $1.00
A Love's Premium Water and Peanut M&Ms
Buy a Love's Premium Water (1L) and get an M&M's standard size
For $1.00