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Freightliner ExpressPoint

The Freightliner ExpressPoint service offering provides Freightliner customers increased support & convenience on the highway. Available at more than 400 Love’s Truck Care and Speedco locations, participating locations have Freightliner trained technicians that are able to support campaign recalls and light mechanical warranty repairs. By partnering with the local Freightliner dealer, we can now offer you better uptime to keep your Freightliner and freight moving down the road.

The ExpressPoint experience includes: 

  • Light Mechanical Warranty Repair (1-3 hours)
  • Roadside warranty emergency services
  • Approved field service and recall campaigns
  • Quality workmanship, claim filing and parts availability with local dealers
  • Nationwide coverage at over 400 Love's Truck Care or Speedco locations in the United States
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Warranty Capabilities

HVAC Fuel Systems
Alternator/Starter Suspension
Brakes External Engine Components
Driveline ATS
Engine Cooling Wheelends
Exhaust Lighting

To view locations offering Freightliner Expresspoint services, click HERE.


What training are Love's and Speedco technicians certified in?

All Love's Truck Care and Speedco technicians have completed over 30 hours of computer-based training under the ExpressPoint Program. The technicians receive the same training as Freightliner Dealer techs to maintain consistency in approach and repair over the highway.

What type of work can Love's and Speedco perform?

The ExpressPoint experience includes Light Mechanical Warranty Repair (1-3 hours), roadside warranty emergency services, approved field service and recall campaigns including HVAC, Alternator/Starter, Brakes, Driveline, Engine Cooling, Exhaust, Fuel Systems, Suspension, External Engine Components, Wheelend and Lighting.

What tools and diagnostic equipment will Love's and Speedco utilize?

The trained technicians will utilize OE software to diagnose any situation and OE parts software.

Will Love's and Speedco stock Freightliner Truck Parts, or will they get parts from the nearest dealer?

All of our Love's and Speedco locations have partnered with local Freightliner dealers to expedite parts requisitions and address any customer needs. We are committed to getting our customers what they need and back on the road quickly.

All new Freightliners come with the 95 PSI Fuel priming pump. Will Love's and Speedco location have this pump?

Yes, the 95 PSI Fuel Priming pumps have been ordered for each location in the Love's and Speedco network.

What safety recalls are covered under the ExpressPoint program?

Under the ExpressPoint program most safety recalls are covered based on parts availability and time needed for repair. All ExpressPoint repairs at Love’s and Speedco locations are three hours or less.

Could you purchase a Freightliner part through your Pinnacle Account?

Yes, as a customer on site at Love's or Speedco you can purchase a part through your Pinnacle account.