Light mechanical services at Love's Truck Tire Care Centers and Speedcos

Love's & Speedco Light Mechanical

Love’s Truck Tire Care and Speedco locations provide everything you need to keep your commercial truck reliable and safe.

Love’s and Speedco state-of-the-art truck tire care facilities are staffed with expert truck tire service technicians and diesel mechanics on-site. Our truck tire service technicians are dedicated to provide professional drivers quality truck repair and maintenance services to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Available Services

Evacuation and Recharge (Additional Freon not Included)
Complete A/C Diagnostic & Repair

Drive Axle Inboard Drum
Drive Axle Outboard Drum
One Wheel Brake Job (Inboard)
One Wheel Brake Job (Outboard)
Steer Axle Outboard Drum
Trailer Axle Inboard Drum
Trailer Axle Outboard Drum


U-Joints (Universal)
Carrier Bearings
Pinion Seals

DOT Combo Trk/Trl Inspection
DOT Trailer Inspection
DOT Truck Inspection
Mid-Trip Inspection

Lights, Batteries, Alternators, Belts, Wiring, Fuses

Clamps, Brackets, Flex Pipe, Molded Pipes, Mufflers

Air Bags, Shocks, Leveling Valves, Springs

Jump Start
Pressure Check (tractor or trailer)
Tighten Lugs (tractor or trailer)
Tire Balance (includes 5 oz. of weight)
Tire Mount and Dismount
Tire Repair (patches not included)
Tire Rotation (per tire)
Road Service ($1.20 per mile portal to portal)

Get your truck's oil changed at Love's

Commercial Truck Oil Change & PM

Stop at Love's Travel Stops or Speedco the next time you need an oil change or preventative maintenance on your truck.

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