Love's Retread

Love's Retread Offers The Best Tire Warranty

Retread is the process of replacing the tread on worn tires. Manufacturers apply retreading to the casings of worn tires, which preserves the majority the material from the original tire. This makes the cost of retread tires significantly cheaper than standard and much more affordable.

The Love’s retread warranty combines quality and safety and is designed with your fleet’s efficiency in mind. Our warranty is simple: we cover the retread and casing for the full life of the retread.

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With over 400 locations nationwide, the Love's Truck Care and Speedco Network offers the most comprehensive off-highway, nationwide coverage for you. Visit any of our locations to find a retread that works for you.

A photo of the interior of a retread facility

Love’s Truck Solutions enables you to have availability to a quality, dependable retread product at any of our locations across the country or by delivery to your terminal with our six distribution locations that we own and operate nationwide.

  • Locust Grove, GA
  • Mooresville, IN
  • Kingman, AZ
  • Natalia, TX
  • Milan, TN
  • El Reno, OK

Casing Exchange

If you are like most fleets, the hassle of casing tracking and reconciliation is resource intensive. Love’s has created a system of retread pooling. No more tracking and identifying where your credits are and what casing is yours.

We are offering the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, guaranteeing the new retread we put on is as good or better than the one we replace. You will always receive a premium casing consistent with your specifications with our promise to warrant it for the life of the retread.


We are here to change the mindset about retreads and their reliability. So much so, we are the only retread manufacturer that completes every inspection step available in the retreading process.

Utilizing the latest innovative technology in the industry, our five-step process utilizes visual light, electronic liner, laser shearography, x-ray and pressure casing analysis.

Our rigorous inspection and quality assurance processes provide your fleet with a reliable and consistent product that ultimately reduces your total cost per mile.

Our mission is to provide your fleet with a tire program to meet your needs at every position. Now, with a broad selection of application specific and SmartWay verified retreads available through a nationwide network, you can rely on us, every mile of the way.

Our 5-Stage Retread Process

stage 1


During Stage 1, used tires arrive at one of our facilities for inspection. All casings are then bar-coded to be tracked during retreading. We do light and electronic liner inspections expose any internal issues. We eliminate any tires we find outside of defined repairable conditions of casing specifications.

stage 2


Our retread technicians buff each tire to customized profiles controlled by a computer and measure the depth of undertread to ensure a cool running tire. Next, we analyze the casings with laser shearography to detect belt separations and use X-rays to verify any suspected sidewall or bead damage.

stage 3


In Stage 3, we fully identify and repair damages using a thermal cure repair technique for optimum results. Every Love’s casing repair is guaranteed for the life of the casing.

stage 4


Heated cushion gum fills skives and buzz-outs while preparing casing for new treads. We choose the tread based on customer's application and specifications. All retreads are enveloped, vacuum tested and cured in a computer controlled chamber.

stage 5


In our final stage, we inspect hot casings after curing to check for any anomalies. Our three-step pressure testing cycle ensures the integrity of the finished tire. Then, Love's Retread Tires are shipped to each Truck Care and Speedco location for purchase by our customers.

These stages are how we know Love’s makes the most inspected retreads on the road today. Purchase retread tires at any Truck Care or Speedco location. Find Retread Tires near you.