Shop Connect View

Shop Connect VIEW

Fleets conducting business at Love's Truck Care and Speedco locations are seeing bottom-line improvements through a new system integrating data between the shops and fleets. The Shop Connect VIEW platform is a cloud-based system allowing fleets to better manage maintenance needs on the web or on-the-go through a new app.

Shop Connect VIEW (Vehicle Insights Estimates Workorders) gives fleets an integrated and intuitive repair and maintenance process, a simplified parts and inventory management method, an easier way to use warranties and customized analytics for visibility and workflow.

The tool's dashboard allows fleets to easily schedule service, keep real-time tabs on maintenance, receive service reminders to prevent breakdowns and track the real cost of ownership for each vehicle. With Shop Connect VIEW, which is powered by Fleetrock and now integrated with McLeod Software, Love's Truck Care is the only network with the ability to bring all the benefits into one system with a low cost, easily adopted and quickly deployed solution.

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Complete business and fleet functionality including:

  • Integrated and intuitive repair process
  • Simplified asset life cycle, and maintenance management
  • Parts and inventory management
  • OEM & After Market Warranty Recovery
  • Custom analytics for visibility and workflow
  • Low-cost structure and easily deployed

Benefits of McLeod Software integration:

  • Repair order status – If a repair order is started in Shop Connect VIEW, you’ll receive a message from McLeod that the vehicle is in the shop, and when the repair is finished.
  • Repair order journal – When a repair order is invoiced, the expense flows seamlessly to the general ledger using McLeod accounting.
  • Purchase order vouchers – When a purchase order is closed, a voucher will be triggered to pay the supplier.
  • Preventative maintenance – Dispatch will receive a McLeod message if a vehicle they are dispatching is due or almost due for any scheduled maintenance.

You can't manage what you can't measure.

What our customers are saying:

"Shop Connect VIEW takes a lot of the guesswork and potential error out of the equation because it is tracking things automatically. It takes a ton of time out of the equation!" - Richard Owens (Director of Maintenance, Paul Transportation Inc.) Paul Transportation Case Study

"Shop Connect VIEW allows us the flexibility to determine our own workflow process and record the events to better manage our assets." - Bruce Stockton (COO, Wilson Logistics) Wilson Logistics Case Study

Repair Orders & Maintenance

Warranty Recovery

Real Time Analytics

  • Integrates telematics for real time mileage
  • Automatically updates when service is completed
  • Alerts users in real time what is coming due and is overdue
  • Alerts users if a PM is due when another task is being worked on

FLEET BENEFIT: Reduce Unscheduled Repairs

  • Yard checks
  • Window stickers
  • Manually entering mileage and last service done
  • All repair orders are create using VMRS codes
  • Dynamic analytics for real time visibility to costs
  • Custom dashboards for quick visibility to KPIs
  • Make, model, year comparisons for data driven business decisions

FLEET BENEFIT: Reduce Maintenance Expense

  • Looking through paper invoices
  • Manually coding invoices to GL
  • True maintenance costs are undefined
  • Aftermarket parts warranty tracking
  • Glove box warranty, Real time alerts
  • Bulk upload of warranties for all units
  • Make, model, year comparisons for data driven business decisions

FLEET BENEFIT: Increase Profitability

  • Depending on memory of when a repair was last performed
  • Digging through old invoices
  • Optimized and intuitive repair process on any device
  • Bulk upload capabilities for quick deployment
  • Functionality that is simple to navigate

FLEET BENEFIT: Employee Adoption

  • Not easy to navigate
  • Difficult and timely to deploy
  • User adoption is a challenge
  • No up-front cost for basic deployment
  • All modules are included
  • Unlimited users

FLEET BENEFIT: Affordable Integration

  • Significant up-front cost
  • Fees for every module
  • Upgrade and maintenance cost
  • Fees per user
  • Unlimited customizable dashboards
  • Quick and easy navigation

FLEET BENEFIT: Real time Fleet Health

  • No KPI results, dashboards
  • Custom report building needed
  • Unnecessary granular data