TirePass FAQ

Love's Travel Stops TirePass

Where do I get TirePass?

TirePass is available in the commercial diesel lane closest to the store entrance at Love’s Travel Stops across the country.

How much does TirePass cost?

TirePass costs $5 per tractor, and $5 per trailer. The TirePass assessment can be performed on one or both of the vehicle units.

What are the hours of operation?

TirePass is available 24-hours a day. You can use the in-lane call box to request service during hours when the lane isn’t staffed.

How long does TirePass take?

On trucks with flow/inflate through valve caps, TirePass will be completed in the time it takes to fill a nearly empty fuel tank (roughly 10 minutes); more time may be required for trucks with traditional screw on valve caps. Flow through valve caps can be purchased at the diesel counter or in the tire shop at any Love’s location with TirePass

Do I have to fuel to use TirePass?

No, fueling is not a requirement for use. The TirePass lane is available to any customer who would like to have the assessment performed on their vehicle.

Will TirePass mistakenly under-inflate my tires?

No. The tire inflation is done using an automated system that cannot decrease the pressure of a tire. Even if TirePass is performed on hot tires, the system cannot decrease their current PSI to meet the recommended operating PSI. For the most accurate results, it is recommended that TirePass be preformed on cold tires as part of your pre-trip inspection.

Will TirePass inflate a flat or significantly deflated tire?

No. To ensure the safety of the driver, the automated TirePass inflation system cannot inflate a tire with a PSI below 75% of recommended operating PSI. Tires below this level of inflation are considered flat and should always be inspected at the onsite Love’s Truck Care shop prior to resuming normal operations.

What if I have tire pressure monitoring systems or on-board inflation systems?

You should still use TirePass. The TirePass assessment will provide you with tread depth measurements and a visual inspection of all tires and wheels. Additionally, TirePass will help you confirm the accuracy and reliability of your other systems.


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