Fast actions by off-the-clock Love's employee save Customer's life

Fast actions by off-the-clock Love's employee save Customer's life

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Love's is a 24/7 business. That means providing quality customer service is an around-the-clock job. When you live in a small community, like many Love's employees, you're almost guaranteed to run into Customers even when you aren't on the clock. One country-store clerk now understands this all too well after being in the right place at the right time to likely save a Customer's life.

In the early morning hours of Christmas Day, Eric Corona, team member at Love's 10 in Hollis, Oklahoma, was at a friend's house. He stepped outside and noticed flames down the street. An abandoned house was on fire and something told Corona to take a closer look.

"I told my friends a house was on fire, but they didn't believe me," said Corona. "I ran to the house and started banging on walls and breaking windows. I didn't know if anyone was inside, but I had a gut feeling I needed to check."

It turns out his instincts were correct. Even though the house had no electricity or running water, someone was in the house to escape the cold winter night. That man turned out to be somebody Corona knew.

"I was about to climb in the window when I heard coughing," said Corona. "I looked to the side and saw somebody stumble out of the house, and I ran over to him. He looked really dizzy like he was about to pass out, so I dragged him away from the fire across the street."

Corona recognized him as a Customer named Martin who stops by Love's 10 a couple of times a week. His next visit to the store was for more than to make a quick purchase.

"I saw Martin the next day," said Corona. "He came into the store and gave me the biggest hug ever."

When you operate in a small community like many Love's locations, the store and everyone who works there naturally become a major part of the community. It's impossible to know exactly when employees might run into a Customer who needs help. Even though he/she might not be in a Love's uniform, there's a good chance the Customer will recognize him/her. Rest assured, just like our stores, our employees' commitment to Love's Customers runs 24/7/365.

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