From Subway Clerk to General Manager, Love’s Employee Shares her Journey of Challenges, Determination

From Subway Clerk to General Manager, Love’s Employee Shares her Journey of Challenges, Determination

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When Lisa Tijerina was interviewing for a position as a Subway clerk at Love's 123 in Oklahoma City in early 2014, she told the general manager she aspired to have his job one day. Lisa remembers him admiring her drive to move up within the company and saying there was no shortage of growth at Love's.

"Sure enough, look at where I'm at," Lisa said. "Now, when I'm hiring employees, I tell my story and let people know there's room to grow at Love's."

Lisa, who is now the general manager at Love's 1 in Watonga, Oklahoma, moved to Oklahoma City in January 2014 in search of a change. She had previous experience working for Subway and decided to apply for a position at the Subway at Love's 123 after working temporary jobs.

She was hired in April 2014 and was quickly promoted to shift lead, working for a short time at Love's 245 in Oklahoma City. Lisa was then promoted to operations manager at Love's 123 and two years later received the general manager title at Love's 19 in Guymon, Oklahoma. In December, she moved to Watonga, the town Tom Love opened his first store, to run Love's 1.

"I feel privileged to be here," Lisa said. "I enjoy moving around, and a change of scenery is always good. There's never a dull moment."

Lisa's climb to the management level wasn't easy. She had management experience but not in retail. Though challenging, to get the job she dreamed of, she was determined to learn how to manage the retail side of Love's. With the help of general managers and Love's Division Director Mike Herman, Lisa learned what it takes to run a Love's store.

"Mike Herman took the time to show me what it takes," Lisa said. "Not everyone does that. He made me want to do more for Love's."

Lisa is proud of the work she put in to learn how to run a store as well as her ability to succeed in a historically male-dominated and fast-paced industry.

"For me to be a woman, as well as Hispanic, and to succeed in something that not everyone can handle - I take pride in that," Lisa said.

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For Lisa, the best part of her job is providing stellar customer service and training her team to do the same.

"If I'm able to make someone smile during my workday, that makes me feel better at the end of my day," Lisa said. "And without my team, I couldn't provide great customer service at my store. I take pride in training team members the way Love's wants them trained."

Opportunity isn't the only reason Lisa continues to work for Love's. Her experience at Love's 123 next to the corporate office allowed her to interact with Love family members who often frequent the store.

"The family members are very sincere, and they make a point to let you know they care," Lisa said.

Working for a company where she feels like a valued member of the team is important to Lisa and motivates her to provide our Customers with great service and train employees who may also aspire to hold a management position one day.

"Just like I had help, I see myself helping other employees who want to be a general manager someday," Lisa said. "I would advise new employees to grasp every opportunity handed to them and be willing to accept advice from those who offer their help."

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