Love's Truck Care and Speedco provide pathway to leadership with Road to Success program for service advisors

Love’s strives to provide best-in-class training experiences for its team members, and the company invests in programs to pave the way for rising leaders. For those who want to level up their leadership skills in our leading over-the-road truck maintenance network, we provide a detailed development program known as the Road to Success for Love’s Truck Care and Speedco service advisors.

“This program really laid the foundation for everything I need to know about taking that next step in my career journey,” said Service Advisor Adam G., “It’s a lot of information, but I have used every bit of it in my day to day, coordinating with my team and customers in the shop.”

Adam joined Love’s as a travel stop cashier with no prior retail experience and soon found a team of leaders who recognized the potential in him.

Love's Diesel Mechanic

The Road to Success program acts as a skill bridge to the role of Love’s Truck Care or Speedco manager, the person responsible for running the shop. Those who complete the training have the knowledge and tools they need to effectively coordinate with their team of diesel technicians and mechanics while keeping an eye on customer service and getting professional drivers back on the road quickly.

“Before I went through the program, I didn’t know anything about the truck maintenance business. Knowledge is power, and now that I’m an expert, I feel better prepared to be a more well-rounded leader and maybe one day earn a district manager role,” said Service Advisor Betty Kay M.

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