Call center pros: Here's the need-to-know on Love's Customer Engagement Center

Call center pros: Here's the need-to-know on Love's Customer Engagement Center

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Here are some FAQs about Love’s newest corporate campus.

What is Love's Customer Engagement Center?

Love's customer service, helpdesk and inside sales teams make up the Customer Engagement Center. It's also the newest campus for Love's corporate office located off Memorial Road.

How is Love's different from other call centers in Oklahoma?

The culture at Love's is key. We are a family-oriented company. Our customer service, sales and help desk teams know how to work hard, but LOVE what they do. And every employee has his/her own desk - no desk sharing!

What type of experience do I need to work at Love's Customer Engagement Center?

We have a diverse skillsets in our Customer Engagement Center.

  • Our helpdesk team requires previous experience with iOS, Windows and active directories.
  • Love's customer service crew is looking for men and women who are effective communicators, and critical thinkers.
  • The inside sales team is hiring go-getters who are well organized and have an attention to detail.


Does Love's ever promote employees?

A Love's career means opportunity and growth. When our employees seize opportunities and collaborate, they are rewarded for their efforts. With the continual growth Love's experiences, employees can earn promotions. There no time limit on promotions either. The opportunities are continually available for career advancement.

What kind of candidates is Love's looking for?

We're looking for problem solvers, individuals with exceptional communications skills and team players.

If you are seeking employment in a fast-paced, high-service environment where business is conducted with integrity and in a positive, respectful and timely manner, we want to meet you!

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