Love's Financial teams tear down the silos to learn something new and drive the business

Working in a silo is often unintentional, especially in a fast-paced environment. However, when teams are able to break down these silos, collaborate and learn something new, it means more success for everyone involved.

This past spring, two Love’s Financial sales departments began a partnership to increase sales by adjusting their tactics and leveling up their communication with each other.

The employees on these teams have very different workdays. The Outside Factoring Sales team spends its time on the road forming close ties with potential freight factoring customers. Meanwhile, the Customer Engagement Team (CET) works in the office, with each employee cold calling a much larger number of potential clients every day, selling them on various services, including Love’s Express Billing Program.

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“These teams are full of exceptionally hard workers with their own finely tuned skill sets. I knew if they worked more closely together, everyone could cast a wider net to drive home the Love’s advantage – our big bundle of products and services for professional drivers,” said Director of Love’s Financial Services Neely Campbell Thomas.

The Outside Factoring Sales group trained with CET team members in the corporate offices, explaining the freight factoring business and their sales process. Since then, both teams are in regular contact to discuss how they can make each other more successful.

“Our collaboration has been so eye-opening,” said Factoring Business Development Specialist Addison G., “This week alone I received four detailed leads from CET about potential customers who were interested in freight factoring. That’s all because our CET team members are confidently talking about factoring, gathering the customer’s information and gauging their interest.”

Greg C., an outbound sales representative in CET, agrees the key is having the knowledge and confidence in what you’re selling. If the person on the other end of the line picks up on that confidence, they are more likely to trust you.

“The more you know as a subject matter expert and the more details you can bring to the table, the better your sales pitch is going to be,” Greg said.

The business win for Love’s Financial has been evident. Beyond the bottom line, though, tearing down the silos has opened the door for more learning opportunities and a greater appreciation for the hard work, persistence and perseverance of these Love’s teams.

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