Hot & Ready From The Grill

By roller grill at Love's

Hot Dogs, Tornados and More!

At Love’s, our grills are always rolling! From hot dogs to Tornados to eggs rolls, we have something for everyone. Our Roller Grill products are made from the highest quality ingredients, provided by the top culinary brands in the industry. And to keep things fresh, we offer new Limited Time Offerings every 3 months. So go for the classic, or try something new, either way your taste buds will be delighted!

And don’t forget to top off your roller grill favorites just the way you like, with our full selection of complimentary, premium toppings.

Limited Time Special

Beer Brats at Love's for a Limited Time

Beer Brats Are In!

Kick off the Fall season with limited time Beer Brats at Love's Travel Stops. It’s the perfect meal for tailgating and family time. Available now through December 2018, so get them while they are available!

Roller Bites Eat Roller Bites at Love's

Our Mission: To boldly satisfy those in search of tasty proteins on the go. Making the roller grill your go-to stop for on-the-go protein snacks and mouthwatering flavor. Options vary by location.

Bacon cheese Chicken Roller Bites

Bacon Cheese Chicken

breakfast scrambler  Roller Bites

Breakfast Scrambler

Buffalo Chicken Roller Bites

Buffalo Chicken

Chipotle Chicken  Roller Bites

Chipotle Chicken

Jalapeño Cheese Chicken Roller Bites

Jalapeño Cheese Chicken

Monterey Jack Chicken  Roller Bites

Monterey Jack Chicken

Breakfast sausage  Roller Bites

Breakfast Sausage

cheeseburger Roller Bites


Tornados Buy Tornados to eat at Love's


Cheesy Pepper Jack Tornados available at Love's Travel Stops

Cheesy Pepper Jack

French Toast Sausage Tornados available at Love's Travel Stops

French Toast Sausage

Ranchero Beef Cheese Tornados available at Love's Travel Stops

Ranchero Beef Steak Cheese

Sausage Egg & Cheese Tornados available at Love's Travel Stops

Sausage Egg & Cheese

More Roller Grill Options

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