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Our Core Services

For more than 20 years, our team of knowledgeable professionals has exceeded customers’ expectations by delivering superior quality, reliability and dependability resulting in bottom-line savings. Trillium’s consultative approach to problem solving and 24/7 maintenance ensures peace-of-mind that every aspect of the CNG infrastructure will be taken care of. Call 1-800-920-1166 today and learn more.

From the Ground Up

Trillium CNG station design process includes analyzing your fueling needs and assessing your build site to determine the components needed to equip the station. We work with leading manufacturers to supply high-quality equipment to ensure low life-cycle costs.

The construction and installation of a fueling station requires experienced management with real-world construction know-how. Our team is regarded as the best in the industry, and we handle every step from permitting to final inspection. Our construction record is unparalleled in the industry for completing projects on time and within budget.

NGV Shop Modifications

To maintain your Natural Gas Vehicle, you need a shop that meets specific codes and regulations. As part of our complete suite of services, we provide the tools you need to modify an existing maintenance structure or design a new one from the ground up.

Proactive Operation-24/7 Service

Proactive operation of a station means that you'll never worry about maintenance. Love’s/Trillium provides trained, locally-based technicians who perform both planned and preventative maintenance and unexpected repairs. We also have a round-the-clock remote monitoring center staffed by experienced team members to answer customer calls and coordinate repairs.

Our Value Added Services

Our commitment to CNG as the best choice for your fleet means we will go above and beyond to make your transition to CNG as smooth as possible.

Station financing and leasing are attractive options for customers who want to realize fast returns on their investment in CNG vehicles. Focus your capital dollars on vehicle deployment and we will invest in a station to serve your fleet. You can start saving on fuel costs right away to create the beneficial financial returns that come with using CNG fuel.

Natural gas and electrical costs are key components of your fuel price. Trillium CNG can help you plan and control these costs through commodity purchasing agreements. We have a team of experienced energy industry professionals who can arrange financial instruments, like fixed prices and cost collars, which are tailored to meet your project's goals.

There are grants available that can offset conversion costs. We offer assistance with the grant application writing and submittal to help you take advantage of every opportunity to finance your goals.

Heavy Duty CNG

Refuse CNG

Transit CNG

Renewable Natural Gas

Design & Build

Operations & Maintenance

Advanced Technology - Fuel Faster and Save Money

In addition to incredible reliability, Trillium CNG stations feature some of the most significant advances in technology and efficiency in the industry.

Hydraulic Intensifier Compressors Deliver Fast Fills and Reliability

Trillium provides innovative compression solutions through a patented Hydraulic Intensifier Compressor that provides performance beyond the expected.

The hydraulic intensifier (HI) system employs an innovative architecture that splits gas compression into two phases: a multi-stage reciprocating compressor and a proprietary two-stage, non-lubricated hydraulic intensifier compressor that delivers a fast and full fill every time. This system is ideal for locations with low suction pressure or an intermittent fueling pattern.

The HI system has several benefits:
  • HI-Flow: The HI system uses the compressed gas in storage to provide faster fills than a typical CNG station design, with flow rates from 7 to 12 gallons per minute.
  • HI-Efficiency: Typical stations are only able to use about 30% of the gas in storage, making very inefficient use of expensive high-pressure storage vessels. In contrast, the HI system can use up to 90% of the gas in storage.
  • HI-Reliability: Because the HI system operates at a slow speed, 25 RPM versus 1800 RPM for a reciprocating compressor, there is less equipment wear and ultimately less maintenance required. The slower speed also results in lower gas temperatures, which mean a fuller fill for your vehicles.
Smart Controls Deliver Energy Savings

Control systems are the key to meaningful CNG equipment integration and efficiency. Trillium CNG has developed a custom control system based on industry standard control hardware and software with several advanced features that translate into efficient station operation and provide important operational management data. Trillium's controls will help you save on electrical usage, manage fueling operations and obtain important management and operational data.

Key Control Features:
  • Efficiently operate the optimum number of compressors based on fueling demand.
  • Compressor lead/lag operations that balance usage of the equipment.
  • Prioritize compressor flow to specific dispensing hoses. This provides the shortest fill times per vehicle and keeps the compressors running efficiently.
  • Track and record management operation statistics including average fill times per vehicle and compressor operation.
  • Automatically log all station alarms and shutdowns to a secure portion of Trillium's website.
  • Provide detailed real time system information on Trillium's secure website that can be viewed via a standard web browser.


Reliable fueling is a hallmark of Trillium CNG's operations. We align a trifecta of exceptional equipment, no-shortcut engineering and construction, and robust operations and maintenance strategies that maximize the reliability of each station and ensure that every vehicle receives a full fill. We achieve 99.9% reliability, even at our sites with only one compressor.

High Quality Equipment Components

A station that can withstand the rigors of daily fueling needs to be comprised of high-quality equipment components selected for quality, reliability, and compatibility. From the dryer to the dispenser, Trillium uses equipment that has proven to be rugged enough to withstand the wear and tear of CNG fueling.

No-Shortcut Engineering

By using best practices gained through years of successful station operation, we engineer powerful and streamlined fueling systems that prevent operational surprises.

Operations and Maintenance

The very best way to ensure reliability is to properly maintain and care for the CNG equipment. Our proactive service program sets the bar for the CNG industry, and as a result, our stations run with almost no interruptions and maintain 99% reliability.

  • Maintenance Plan
  • Each major component has scheduled service items. By staying current on planned preventative maintenance, Trillium reduces unplanned work and maximizes reliability.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Our service desk is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We visually monitor each station, answer incoming calls, and respond immediately to equipment fault notifications.
  • Maintenance Management
  • Trillium uses a single interface to track service. A dashboard view gives technicians and managers access to station conditions, maintenance logs, calendars, inventory, manuals, drawings, photos, and contact information.
  • Qualified Technicians
  • Our people make the difference — trained, local technicians respond quickly to service needs and are supported by a national network of experts. Trillium prides itself on having the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.
  • Spare Parts
  • To ensure quick repairs, we maintain a sizable inventory of parts. Our stock includes both routine and corrective maintenance parts and consumables to ensure that all services can be completed without delay.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a Safe Fuel

Compressed natural gas is a safe, clean burning, low carbon, domestic fuel that is widely used for transportation fuel in the US and around the world. Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) are refueled at a network of more than 1,300 CNG stations across the United States.

The CNG industry's safety record is excellent. There are federal, state and local regulations, as well as industry best practices, that provide for the safe operation of CNG fueling equipment.

Safety is Trillium's First Priority

Trillium CNG has an excellent safety record. This is not by coincidence, but by design. Here's what makes our systems the safest in the industry:

  • Trillium adheres to the highest level of safety standards in the industry without exception. As a result, our customers receive the best-designed and safest CNG stations in the nation.
  • Our stations are equipped with safety systems that can detect gas leaks and shut down the compression equipment automatically if they detect a problem.
  • We perform quarterly and annual safety inspections to make sure all emergency systems are functioning correctly.
  • Trillium monitors all of our CNG systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures Trillium is immediately aware of any potential problem.
  • Trillium provides training to new contracted customers on how to safely refuel with CNG.

For questions about the safety of our CNG systems, and what makes us the safest CNG provider in the industry, please contact us at 800-920-1166.

CNG Fueling Safety Points
  • Smoking is NEVER allowed at any fueling station, including CNG stations.
  • Look, listen, and smell for potential unsafe conditions.
  • Visually inspect the refueling equipment including the receptacle, nozzle and hose to ensure they are free from dust, debris and any damage. Do not fuel if you are unsure about the condition of the dispensing equipment, your vehicle, or the station. Immediately contact Trillium at 800-920-1166 and explain your concerns.
  • Before beginning refueling, note where the Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD) buttons and fire extinguishers are located.
  • Review Trillium's "Natural Gas Vehicle Refueling Guide" and "Fueling Safely with CNG" videos within the CNG Videos section of the website.
  • Always turn off your vehicle before fueling, and then stay with your vehicle during fueling.
  • Your vehicle tanks must be inspected every 3 years or 36,000 miles and after any vehicular accident.
Trillium CNG is Committed to Being Safe in Everything We Do

At Trillium CNG, we are committed to safety at all times and in all places — in our products and services, our workplaces and our communities.

We're in the fourth year of our 5-year Safety Management System implementation that provides improvements in injury prevention and reduction. We're intent on becoming a first-quartile performer in key safety statistics for the compressed natural gas industry. Here's how we're doing it:

  • Fueling and safety education is delivered to the public via the web, in person, and through printed materials available at every station.
  • Trillium employees attend monthly safety meetings that cover topics specific to their work conditions. In a typical meeting, employees hear timely safety tips and discuss safe approaches to work situations.
  • The implementation of our Safety Management System has transformed how our employees regard safety. Complying with rules is a first step in our pursuit of continuous safety improvement.
  • Safety is engineered into the stations and our organization. Through regular safety meetings, goals, audits and reporting, we hold safety as a critical part of our culture and how we do our jobs.

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