"Hare-y" Situation Solved Thanks to Sleep Inn & MainStay Suites Staff

"Hare-y" Situation Solved Thanks to Sleep Inn & MainStay Suites Staff

Written by Sleep Inn & MainStay Suites Agent Carrie Rider

I was going about my normal business of checking people in and printing reports when I get a call from Sarah, a guest who had stayed a few nights with us. She was almost in tears as she was franticly trying to explain her situation. Her and her family had made it all the way home to Louisville, a seven-hour drive from Emerson, Georgia, only to realize they left a very important family member back at our hotel!

Sarah and her family had stayed two nights with us before leaving for home. Unfortunately, during all their packing, their young daughter forgot her most-prized possession: her stuffed bunny. Luckily one of our housekeepers found the little bunny and brought it to the office. While this bunny looked old and well-loved, it just so happened to mean the entire world to this little girl. Sarah described the bunny to me over the phone. I told her we found it, and it was safe and sound here at the hotel. She was so happy to hear the news she almost cried!

Knowing just how important to children these stuffed animal friends can be, I really wanted to help this little girl get her bunny back. I wanted to make sure Sarah's daughter knew we were taking great care of her bunny while it was here without her. I went around and took pictures of the bunny enjoying things and helping out around the hotel. I sent her pictures of it helping me fold laundry, make coffee and wash dishes. The bunny also relaxed by the pool, watched television in the lobby and even made a donation to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Loves hospitality emerson georgia

Loves hospitality emerson georgia

loves hospitality emerson georgia sleep inn and mainstay suites

loves hospitality sleep inn and mainstay suites 

After doing some research together, Sarah and I found a way to get the little bunny back home to its best friend. I mailed it the next morning and sent it on its way!

In the end, Sarah's daughter got her favorite animal friend back and I personally felt great knowing I could make it happen for her. It wasn't a huge deal for me to drive out of my way a little or spending a little extra of my time, and but it meant the world to this amazing young girl!

loves hospitality sleep inn and mainstay suites

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