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Got tire problems? Here are the 9 'Usual Suspects'

Posted August 22, 2014

Before images of Kevin Spacey and Keyser Söze from the 1990s movie come to mind, the "usual suspects" to which we're referring here are the things drivers can typically point to when their tires go bad. It's not usually an issue with the tire, and that's what our Love's Truck Tire Care techs are demonstrating in this display.

Got Tire Problems? Here are the 'Usual Suspects'

1. Diagonal Wear. The appearance of diagonal wear manifests in the form of oblique wear patches. Can appear singularly or repeat around the circumference of the tire.

diagonal wear

2. Localized depression wear. The appearance of localized depression wear is a localized wear patch on the shoulder block of the tire. This patch can repeat around the circumference of the tire.

localized depression wear

3. Radial feather wear. In this case, drivers will see feathering at the edge of their tread blocks.

radial feather wear

4. Center rib depression wear. The tell-tale sign of this condition is circumferential depression wear of the center tread block.

 center rib depression

5. Multiple flat spotting wear. Drivers who see this tire condition probably have faulty shocks, loose or worn wheel bearings, severe balance issues, mismatched pressures or tire diameters or excessive high-speed empty operation.

multiple flat spotting wear

6. One-sided wear. What is this typically caused by? Out-of-alignment specification parameters (cambers, toe, axle parallelism).

one sided wear

7. Shoulder step wear. This looks like a partial or full depression of the inside or outside shoulder tread rib.

shoulder step wear

8. River / Channel Wear. This condition most commonly happens on slow-wearing radial tires in steer or trailer position (free rolling).

river channel wear

9. Rib depression punch wear. (Other than center rib) Probable causes include incorrect air pressure, worn mechanical parts or nonuniformity such as incorrect mounting.

rib depression punch wear

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