Java Amore Coffee & Tea Flavors

Fresh Brewed 100% Arabica Coffee

Brewed in a variety of roasts, Love’s Java Amore coffee is the best tasting cup of coffee on the interstate. No matter when you stop in, our coffee is always hot and fresh. Whether it's Brazilian Rich or House Mild, our coffee will leave you wanting more. The perfect way to start your day, our variety of blends and limited time offer specials provide our visitors exactly what they need. In addition our coffee bar includes Decaf and Cappuccino choices alongside our choices of cream and sugars.

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Coffee & Cappuccino Blends

Espresso Roast

Espresso Roast:
Our Java Amore Espresso Roast is a dark roast coffee with a sweet and deep rich flavor.

Love's Travel Stops Java Amore

Java Amore House Blend:
American Select – Our Java Amore House blend coffee contains an exclusive blend of Colombian Supremo, Colombian Excelso, Guatemalan Strictly Hard Beans, Mexican Altura, and other seasonally-fresh, finely ground mild Arabica beans. This select blend produces a highly flavorful coffee with a distinct aroma preferred by coffee drinkers who are hungry for a rich, smooth taste.

Love's Travel Stops Java Amore

Java Amore Dark Roast:
European Select – Our Java Amore Dark Roast has a special flavor and deep aroma that is produced from a darker, full-bodied European roast of the best Colombian Supremo, Colombian Excelso, Guatemalan Hard Beans, and Mexican Alturas. It’s hearty body is perfect for coffee drinkers who crave that full-bodied, darker taste.

Love's Travel Stops Java Amore

Java Amore Decaf:
Colombian Gourmet Decaf – Our Java Amore Decaf coffee is a superior blend of Colombian and other mild coffees, which have been formulated to deliver a rich, full-bodied flavor in a decaffeinated coffee. Seasoned coffee drinkers will be delighted by the bold flavor and hardly notice they are drinking decaffeinated.

Love's Travel Stops Java Amore

Brazilian Primo:
South American Blend – Our Brazilian Primo blend is a perfect combination of South and Central American Arabica Beans, blended to produce a full bodied, medium roast coffee with a nutty aroma and finish.

Love's Travel Stops Java Amore

100% Colombian:
Our Java Amore Colombian blend is a refreshing combination of Supremo and Excelso beans, which blend to create a taste and aroma of unsurpassed quality and consistency. Our 100% Colombian has a rich sweet aroma, smooth flavor, and full body without a harsh or bitter taste.

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Tea Flavors

Our fresh brewed iced tea, is full-bodied and smooth. Made from Argentinean tea leaves, it's a satisfying drink. Our home-style lemonade is the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and it's made with lemon extract.

Love's Iced Tea Lemonade
Love's Iced Tea Sweet
Love's Iced Tea Unsweet