Love's Service Pricing

Love's Light Mechanical Oil Change

Air Conditioner Services

Air Conditioner Service

No Warranty Offered or Implied for A/C Service. Does not Include a Compressor, Drier and Expansion Valve.

Evacuation and Recharge (Additional Freon not Included) $109.99

Brake Services

Brake Packages

Prices Based on Standard Brake Shoes

Service With Shoes Without Shoes
Drive Axle Inboard Drum $525.99 $349.99
Drive Axle Outboard Drum $365.99 $189.99
One Wheel Brake Job (Inboard) $278.99 $190.99
One Wheel Brake Job (Outboard) $186.99 $99.99
Steer Axle Outboard Drum $365.99 $189.99
Trailer Axle Inboard Drum $525.99 $349.99
Trailer Axle Outboard Drum $365.99 $189.99

DOT Inspections

DOT Inspections

DOT Combo Trk/Trl Inspection $89.99
DOT Trailer Inspection $44.99
DOT Truck Inspection $49.99
Mid-Trip Inspection $15.00

Labor Rates

Labor Rates: Lube
Fifth Wheel Grease $4.99
Fuel Filter Change $9.99
Hourly Rate $90.00
Oil Filter Change $9.99
Tractor Lube $24.99
Tractor/Trailer Lube $29.99
Trailer Lube $9.99
Water Filter Change $9.99

Labor Rates: Repair
Battery Charge (per 1/2 hour) $24.99
Brake Adjustment Manual Per Axle $9.99
Charging System Check (Alternator & Battery) $39.99
Clutch Adjustment (Pressure Plate and Linkage) $39.99
Clutch Adjustment (Pressure Plate Only) $29.99
Hourly Rate $99.00
On Lot Jump Start (Complimentary)
R&R Alternator and Electrical Diagnostic Book Rate by Engine) (Book)
R&R Headlight $19.99
R&R Hub Oiler (Steer or Trailer) $24.99
R&R Water Pump (Book Rate by Engine, some limitations apply) (Book)
Wheel Seal Labor Only - Drive Axle $109.99
Wheel Seal Labor Only - Steer Axle $89.99
Wheel Seal Labor Only - Trailer Axle $89.99

Oil and PM Services

Tire Repair

Labor Rates: Tire Care
Hourly Rate $99.00
Jump Start $29.99
Pressure Check (tractor or trailer) $27.99
Tighten Lugs (tractor or trailer) $19.99
Tire Balance (includes 5 oz. of weight) $36.99
Tire Mount and Dismount $39.99
Tire Repair (patches not included) $44.99
Tire Rotation (per tire) $15.99
Road Service ($1.20 per mile portal to portal) $99.00 HR